Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is physical therapy?

A: Physical therapy, or P.T., is the treatment of pain, injury, or disease by physical means, such as massage, heat, ice, exercise, electrical impulses, etc.

Patients who are treated with physical therapy often:

  • Decrease pain, fatigue, numbness, swelling, muscle/tissue tightness, excess body fat, high blood pressure, and disability
  • Increase flexibility, good posture, endurance (ability to sit/stand/walk for longer periods of time), blood circulation, and strength.

The primary goal of physical therapy is to help return you to your normal activities prior to your injury or weakness.


Q: Who can get physical therapy?

A: Physical therapy is recommended for those who are experiencing any body pain (e.g. back, neck, knee, shoulder, leg, elbow, ankle, wrist, arm, toe, or headaches) or weakness that interferes with your normal daily activities. Some examples are difficulty in grasping, reaching, standing up from a chair, or walking.


Q: How do I begin physical therapy?

A: To begin physical therapy, we will need a prescription from your physician. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, please ask your doctor today if you can go to Total Fitness Physical Therapy.


Q: How much does physical therapy cost?

A: Physical therapy is usually free for you. Depending on how you were injured or the reason you are experiencing weakness, therapy is covered under most insurance plans.

  • Motor vehicle insurance will pay for any car accident injuries such as whiplash.
  • Workers Compensation will pay for work related injuries. Examples are carpal tunnel syndrome or back strain.
  • Personal insurance will pay for medical problems from stroke, arthritis, diabetes, or a personal injury such as a fall.

We accept many kinds of insurance. We also accept MasterCard and Visa.


Q: Where are you located?

A: We have several locations to serve you! See our locations page for details.









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